Teracoat Floor





Main properties

  • 1st coat moisture barrier and primer coat
  • 2nd coat 1000micron wet film thickness scraper coat
  • 3rd coat 500 micron wet film thickness top coat
  • 100% water based, solvent free and odour free.
  • 100% green.
  • 1.5 times stronger and 35% more flexible than epoxy floor coatings.
  • Fast drying and curing.
  • Matt finish
  • Suitable for professional use indoors according to Arbo-regulations (Dutch).
  • Excellent mechanical resistance, impact/abrading.
  • Excellent resistance against plasticizers from tyres.
  • Water penetration: Nil
  • Easy to clean.




Teracoat WB12 coatings are very well suited to indoor flooring as in residential homes and offices.




Health & Safety

Flash point

Component A: > 100°C.


Component B: > 100°C.

Government regulations

The user of this product is required to comply with the national statutory regulations for health and safety at work and waste disposal.

Environmental considerations


All our products are manufactured to the highest European Environmental standards and are considered non hazardous from manufacture through to the controls in place for application. The long service life and seamless surface reduce the need for repairs, maintenance and cleaning.






Mixed product: depending the color approx. 1,2 – 1,4 kg/dm3 

Solids content

Approx. 50 vol. %.

Volatile organic components

< 10 g/l (VOC)

Drying at 20 ˚C/65%RH

Step proof: ca. 12 hours WB12 / 24 hours WB24
Recoat ability: minimum 8 hours and maximum 72 hours
To be driven on: 24 hours
Fully cured after: 7 days

Chemical resistance

Broad ph tolerance and excellent resistance to commonly used chemicals and cleaning materials, for detailed information request a chemical resistance list from your representative.

Wear resistance

70 ± 10 mg / 1000 cycles (CS17 wheel, 1 kg load, according DIN65182)


TERACOAT WB12 has good decontamination properties according to DIN 25415, Part1.

Anti slip & skid properties

Teracoat is rated as non slip when dry and partial when wet.


Request colour chart from Teracoat representative.

Post Care

Clean regularly using a rubber head household mop and non abrasive household cleaner free of amonia, for stubborn stains scrub with a nylon bristled brush or broom.

Condition of Substrate

The moisture content of the substrate on the BD4 scale must be less than 5% as measured by a good quality moisture metre. Prior to the application of the coating the substrate has to be smooth, free of cracks, sound, clean, dry, free of dust and grease. Smooth and very dense substrates have to be roughened by means of acid wash, dust-free-blasting, sanding or other mechanical means to be determined by a Teracoat representative. Very porous substrates have to be wetted before applying the moisture barrier (water based).

Installation Service

The installation should be carried out by a TERACOAT approved applicator with a documented quality assurance scheme. Obtain details of our approved contractors by contacting our client service representative