TERACOAT WB12 Domestic



Why use Teracoat Seamless flooring in your home?
Teracoat WB12 Domestic is an interior designer’s dream come true, it creates a seamless blank canvas that can be tinted to match almost any colour palette. It comes in a scratch resistant matt finish and can be coated in a satin or high gloss finish if required. One of the most exciting innovations is that Teracoat can be applicated over tiles, getting rid of the tile print and grout lines.


10 reasons why you should use Teracoat WB12 Domestic

  • Teracoat is 100% water based and 100% green.
  • Teracoat is a seamless floor coating that can be applicated over expansion and construction joints & tiles to create a single seamless surface across the entire floor.
  • If you decide to change your floor colour after a few years, Teracoat can be overcoated at a fraction of the cost of a new floor in the colour of your choice.
  •  Teracoat has a colour range to match almost any colour palette.
  • Teracoat is a high strength, highly durable product that comes in a scratch resistant matt finish and can also be finished in satin or high gloss.
  • Teracoat’s return to service is at least half the time of an epoxy floor and a quarter of the time of any cement based floor, in other words you are not off your floor for more than a few days.
  • If necessary, on patios and around swimming pools, Teracoat can be applied as a non slip surface.
  • Teracoat can be applied outdoors if it is sealed with our UV 2000 sealer.
  • If the Teracoat system is compromised due to excessive impact or mechanical damage it will not shatter or crack and can be easily repaired without recoating the floor, this is not possible with an epoxy or cement based product.
  • For all these reasons Teracoat is the only floor coating to offer a 5 year warranty.

TERACOAT WB24 Commercial



Why use Teracoat WB24 in your office, retail space or warehouse?
Teracoat WB24 is a high tech European floor coating system at the cutting edge of synthetic resin technology. Developed in Europe for the armaments industry, Teracoat is 35% more flexible and one and a half times stronger than commercial epoxy and is perfectly suited for coating high traffic commercial and medium duty industrial floors.

What makes Teracoat WB24 the right commercial choice?

  • Suitable to a wide range of uses from laboratories through to medium duty industrial applications
  • Manufactured by the largest coatings company in the world
  • High strength and durability
  • Anti slip surface available
  • The long service life and seamless surface reduce the need for repairs, maintenance and cleaning.
  • Fast curing - 24 hour return to service on the final coat
  • Very low odour and no off gassing
  • The system can be easily over coated at anytime within the warranty period.
  • Unlike epoxy type coatings Teracoat WB24 does not shatter when subjected to mechanical impact and therefore the specific area of impact can be easily repaired.
  • 100% water based - 100% green
  • Broad ph tolerance
  • Easy to clean and sterilise
  • Available in a comprehensive range of colours.
  • 5 year warranty


Environmental Considerations
100% water based – 100% green. All Teracoat products are manufactured to the highest European Environmental Standards and are considered non hazardous from manufacturing through to the controls in place for application by a Teracoat approved applicator.